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Vatican Lock System

ROME — The Vatican is the only fully fortified state in the world, protected by 40-foot-high walls. The few porte, the arched access gates into Vatican City, are manned by Swiss Guards dressed in their colorful Renaissance uniforms and carrying swords. Visitors are asked to sign in and are allowed only upon invitation. But for Vatican employees, usually a nod of recognition will do. The Vatican is the smallest state in the world, and pretty much everybody knows each other. But things are quickly changing. This month, the Vatican is introducing an electronic badge for some of its thousands of employees. Workers will be expected to swipe in and out when entering and exiting. Some of the world’s media have linked the step-up in security directly to the “Vatileaks” scandal, the unprecedented security breach in which Paolo Gabriele, the pope’s former butler, photocopied and leaked confidential documents to the Italian media. Click here to discover Magnetic Access Control products. Read More >>